Imagine this. You wake up in the morning, drive a long way to work, sit in endless meetings, answer client calls and emails, face escalations, make sure to meet all your deadlines while at the same time managing your team and your subordinates, and finally, drive all the way back home trudging through the traffic, eagerly looking forward to hitting the bed. 

But then, you find yourself rolling side-to-side and tossing & turning all night long. Whichever angle you try to sleep doesn’t get you there. What could be wrong? 

Before considering therapy, consider changing your mattress. 

Because the right mattress will embrace you and lull you to sleep in minutes. 

Choosing the Right Mattress 

Mattresses come in different levels of comfort and offer different kinds of support. It usually depends on what your body type is. The right mattress will not only give you a good night’s sleep but improve your overall health significantly. Similarly, an unsuitable mattress will lead to sleep deprivation and a host of other health issues. 

By understanding how you sleep and your unique physical characteristics, you can find mattresses that not only cater to your resting needs but also provide a perfect fit for your individual comfort preferences. Now let’s see what are the different types of firmness available. 

Different Types of Firmness


This comfort level is incredibly soft and provides a cloud-like feeling when lying down. It is ideal for those who prefer to sink deeply into their mattress and enjoy a plush, cosy sleeping experience. Ultra-plush mattresses often feature thick pillow tops or memory foam layers that contour to your body.


Plush mattresses offer a softer surface without compromising on support. They are slightly firmer than ultra-plush options but still provide a gentle cradle for your body. Plush mattresses work well for side sleepers or those who prefer a more cushioned feel.


Medium comfort is a popular choice as it balances softness and support. This firmness offers enough give to conform to your body’s contours while providing adequate support for spinal alignment. Medium mattresses are suitable for a wide range of sleepers and body types.


If you prefer a slightly firmer surface with some cushioning, a medium-firm mattress might be the right choice. It offers more support than a medium mattress and is often recommended for back sleepers and individuals with back pain, as it promotes proper spine alignment.


Firm mattresses provide a solid, sturdy surface with minimal give. They offer excellent support for those who prefer to sleep on their stomachs or back sleepers who require more stability. Firm mattresses can help prevent sagging and maintain proper spinal alignment.

Firmness of the Mattresses vs Your Body Type

When it comes to finding the right comfort for you, it is always best to physically feel the mattress. However, to get a general idea of what could suit you, it depends on your body type and your physical ailments, if you have any. 

For instance, for people with a smaller body frame, a softer mattress, such as plush or medium, works well for you. These levels of firmness will provide the necessary contouring and pressure relief.

For those with average body type, the medium to medium-firm range tends to be the most suitable. This range offers a good combination of comfort and support, catering to a wide variety of sleep preferences.

And those with a larger body frame will likely benefit from a firmer mattress that provides additional support. A medium-firm to firm mattress will help distribute your weight more evenly and prevent sinking too deeply into the mattress.

Ultimately, choosing the right comfort and firmness level in a mattress is a personal preference. It is crucial to consider your sleeping position, specific physical conditions, and personal comfort preferences. When shopping for a mattress, don’t feel shy to take advantage of trial periods or return policies to ensure that the mattress you choose aligns with your needs. 

Don’t settle for a one-size-fits-all approach.

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