A common suggestion made to those who struggle to sleep comfortably  is making sure your bedroom is cool. This is because your body expends heat at night, and excess heat can lead to restless sleep. 

You might take the proactive step of turning on your fan or sleeping with the hum of an air conditioner throughout the night. While this is a great response, if you’re sleeping on sheets that trap body heat, you’ll still suffer poor sleep. When your sheets act as an insulator, your body temperature will remain high throughout the night. You might wake up frequently and your sleep will be robbed of its restorative quality. 

We’ve compiled the best tips for hot sleepers who are in search for cool sheets: 

  • Find the right materials: Cotton, bamboo, and linen are natural fibers that are great at wicking away perspiration. For the significantly warmer months, find a bed sheet that has a breathable sheet thread count: anywhere between 200 and 400 will feel cool. 
  • Texture matters: The softer the sheet, the more comfortable and breathable it will be on your skin. Look for sheets with a sateen or percale weave, since they tend to have a cooler feel.
  • Materials to avoid: Sheets made from synthetic fibers are not as breathable as its natural counterpart. Synthetic sheets also trap heat and will often make your body overheat and make your skin feel sweaty and clammy. Additionally, avoid using Polyester and microfiber mix fabrics, as they trap heat and moisture.

If you’re still nervous about running too hot while you sleep, consider investing in a cooling mattress topper, cooling pillows, and blankets that are lightweight. 

Seasonal Sheets

You may love getting cozy under the quilt, but in summers, in places like India you are going to get finely baked.  Consider changing your sheets according to the season: 

  • Monsoon: Microfiber sheets are best to combat humidity. These sheets ensure a dry and comfortable night’s sleep. 
  • Winter: Flannel or high thread-count cotton sheets are best for warmth. If you want a cozier experience, layer either sheet with a blanket of any material. 
  • Summer: Opt for lightweight and breathable materials, like cotton or linen. The natural fibers in these materials promote airflow.

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