Waking up early is a virtue of highly successful people. It’s even reflected in our sayings and old wives’ tales, i.e., the early bird catches the worm. And in many ways, there’s a lot of logic to it, no doubt. A lot of discussions have already gone into the well-known “5 AM club”. But there is a prerequisite for waking up early, which is going to bed early and on time.  

This is where the 10 PM Club comes in.   

Keeping in mind that an average person needs about 6-8 hours of good night’s sleep, 10 PM meets the sweet spot for those who want to rise before the sun.   

This club is not about just about waking up early. Imagine waking up at 5 AM, especially on days when you go to bed late. It’s going to be a struggle to open your eyes. And even if you get on with it, you will carry sleep with you throughout the day. That’s why 10 PM Club.   

It’s about prioritizing what’s important – a good night’s sleep. So you can go on to make the best of your day.     

A great day starts the night before

Or rather, what if we said – “a great day starts with a good night’s sleep”?   

Meaning, what if we consider ‘sleep’ as the first activity of the day rather than the last? After all, it is the most important thing we do in a day. This is precisely what the 10 PM Club is all about.   

At 10 PM Club, the night is the beginning of the day. And sleep is the first activity.    

What’s the big deal about it?

It’s simple. Prioritizing makes all the difference. It’s a scientific fact that our night-time routine dramatically influences our waking hours. The night is essential preparation for the day to come.   

Our brain acts as an incubator while we sleep. This means it takes into account all our recent activities, feelings and emotions and begins to churn them and create its own narrative. The good thing is we can control this by developing a healthier sleep routine.  

Sleep is a better start for a day 

A small change in how you see your day changes everything. When you prioritize sleep, you will slowly start to do things that help you sleep better. At first, it may seem strange, but as things progress, you will begin to see the bright side of it.   

We’re often told how to start the day — with intention, rising early, going for a jog, meditating and practising gratitude.  

We are asking you to do the same, only before going to sleep – with intentions, sleep early, stretch, meditate, and practice gratitude.   

When you go to sleep with this mindset, your waking hours will be more meaningful and productive than ever.   

At 10 PM Club, you won’t necessarily need an alarm to wake up, but you will need one to go to bed. Set your alarm today at 9 PM, and join the 10 PM Club. 

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